Discussion: “Cultural initiatives in times of change: why, how and for whom?”

Press center UCMC announce

Oksana Barshynova, curator, head of research department of art XX-XXI Centuries of the National Art Museum of Ukraine
Evheniya Molar, curator of the project Soviet mosaics in Ukraine of “Izolyatsia” Fund, participant of self-organized art movement “DE NE DE”
Igor Poshyvaylo, General Director of the National Memorial Complex of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred – Museum of the Revolution of Dignity
Anton Romanov, director and co-founder of “PostPlayTheater”
Olga Sagaydak, co-founder of Charitable Fund “Mystetski Nadra”, project manager of the project «PogranCult: GaliciaCult”
Lesya Khomenko, artist, co-founder of art group “REP”, curatorial of the association “Hudrada”
Moderator: Olha Honchar, Project coordinator at Culture and Arts Department, Ukraine Crisis Media Center