International Unity March for Ukraine to take place on February 6th

Press center UCMC announce

Members of the international community in Ukraine are organising an event to show support for our adopted home, as the threat from Russia’s possible escalation of the nearly 8-year-old war is ever present, we want to show that we stand with Ukraine.

The organisers have called for similar marches in the past, in fact these marches began while the Revolution of Dignity was still underway. As well as the expatriate community of course, our Ukrainian friends are also welcome to participate.

Marchers will gather from 14:00 close to the Shevchenko monument in Shevchenko Park, from there the group will head to Maidan. As well as carrying flags of their home nations, march participants are being invited to create and carry placards. Suggested placard texts proposed through our Facebook event page include the words “We are not going anywhere!” and “Putin, 15,000 war dead already, is that not enough?”

Members of the press are invited to cover the event, expecting that there will be a great number of flags present from many countries, the images from this event are certainly going to be impressive.

For more information please contact the organising committee at:

Paul Niland: [email protected]                 +380 50 391 8642 (English/Russian/Ukrainian)

Stuart McKenzie: [email protected] +380 50 331 6969 (English)

Sean Kielty: [email protected]            +380 50 410 8180 (English/Russian)