Open dialogue: Local self-government reform: 10 years on the march. Challenges → meanings → future

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Увага! У разі оголошення повітряної тривоги відвідувачі заходу можуть скористатися укриттям, що знаходиться у підвальному приміщенні Українського Дому

Key issues for discussion:

– Does Ukraine need to rethink the reforms of local self-government and territorial organization of power, decentralization of power?

– What is the conceptual vision of the content and stages of the reform, taking into account its outcomes and current challenges?

– How to preserve decentralization principles and ensure the effectiveness of local self-government in times of war?

– Do we need an updated conceptual document on building good democratic governance in Ukraine?

– What regulatory and legal decisions during martial law are priorities for strengthening the capacity of local self-government, its responsibility for quality services and the legality of its decisions?

– How to improve organizational and legal mechanisms of interaction among executive bodies, in particular city state administrations and local self-government bodies?

– How to improve communication between central executive bodies, associations, civil society in developing the policy of changes?

– How to improve coordination of international technical assistance projects and programs to support the development of capable local self-government?