Russian propaganda and resilience of communities: what has a study of local Telegram channels revealed?


Attention! In case of an air alert, visitors of the event can use the shelter located in the basement of the Ukrainian House ( Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Ukrainian House, 1st floor. 2 Khreshchatyk street, Kyiv 0100

Pro-Ukrainian voices on Telegram strengthen the resilience of communities

On September 14, at 11:00 a.m., the Ukraine Crisis Media Center (Kyiv, 2 Khreshchatyk St.) will host a presentation of a special study commissioned by the National Platform for Resilience and Social Cohesion. 

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Research topic: “Resilience of communities through the prism of  Telegram channels in occupied, de-occupied, front-line and rear territories.” 

Research sample: more than 400 Telegram channels in 17 cities of Ukraine; in total about 2.3 million publications were analyzed. During the presentation, information will be made public about the formation of the discourse of local Telegram channels, the methods of Russian propaganda and its impact on the resilience of communities, the ratio of pro-Ukrainian to pro-Russian Telegram channels, key topics for discussion in various regions during a full-scale war. Accreditation: by phone +38 097 988 91 41 or by e-mail: [email protected]