Roundtable: “Creation of open copyright register in Ukraine”

Press center UCMC announce

Olena Orliuk, director of Science & Research Institute on Intellectual Property, National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, PhD in law, senior editor of scientific-practical magazine “Intellectual Property: Theory and Practice”
Victor Kovalskyi, president of editorial organization “Urinkom Inter”, senior editor of the newspaper “Yurydychnyi Visnyk Ukrayiny” , Phd in law
Nadiya Shevchenko, lawyer, legal manager at “Mahaon Ukraine” publishing house
Anton Martynov, director of “Nash Format” publishing house
Daryna Sydorenko, representative of “Obriy Content Management Ukraine”, shop of the licensed content “Bookland”
Oleksandr Afonin, president of Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Books Distributors
Moderator: Kseniya Matsevych, PR-director of “Kalvariya” publishing house, director of MSBrand Corporation Agency