Topic: “A new wave of political arrests in the occupied Crimea: activists expect support from Ukraine and international community”

Press center UCMC announce

Lilia Hemedzhi, lawyer, activist of the civil initiative “Crimean Solidarity”
Emil Kurbedinov, lawyer of Ukrainian citizens detained for political reasons in the occupied Crimea and the Russian Federation
Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, former political prisoner
Mariana Betsa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine spokesperson
Ihor Ponochovnyi, Head of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Daria Svyrydova, lawyer of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
Tetiana Pechonchyk, Chairman of the Human Rights Information Center
Tamila Tasheva, co-founder of the CrimeaSOS Civic Initiative
Moderated by Maria Tomak, coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights