Topic: “Budget 2017: what should be excise rate on alcohol?”

Press center UCMC announce

Oleg Musiy, MP (independent)
Pavlo Unguryan, MP of Ukraine (“Narodniy Front” faction)
Pavlo Kyshkar, MP (“Petro Poroshenko Block” faction)
Ostap Yednak, MP (independent)
Yevhen Kapinus, Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine
Roberto Gnesotto, head of the “prevention of noncommunicable diseases and health promotion in Ukraine” at the WHO office in Ukraine
Nataliya Korol, expert on noncommunicable diseases at the WHO office in Ukraine
Konstyantyn Krasovskiy, head of Sector for tobacco and alcohol control at the Institute of Strategic Studies of the Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine
Ilya Neshodovsiy, expert of the “Tax Reform” group at the Reanimation Pakage of reforms
Yulia Solokha, coordinator of the NGO coalition “For a sober Ukraine”
Please note that the event is for media representatives only, accreditation by press ID cards