Topic: “Conclusion of Austrian Ukrainian Days – Rediscovering our common history to be ready for our joint future in European Union”

Press center UCMC announce

Dr. Erhard Busek, President of Institute for the Danube and Central Europe (IDM), former Stability Pact Coordinator of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe
Gustav Gressel, European Council on Foreign Relations
Stefan Haboeck, head of International and European Relations, “Paneuropa Austria”, press spokesman of Dr. Paul Rubig, MEP
Prof. Zinoviy Broyde, director of the Centre “EcoResource”, adviser of the head of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration
Olena Drost, president of Intitiative Group “Alpbach Kiev”
Alfred Praus, coordinator of Austrian Ukrainian Society
Moderator: Gunther Fehlinger, President of ETR and Coordinator of Austrian Ukrainian Days 2016