Topic: “Presentation of the results of the studies on the impact of air pollution on public health and the environment in five industrial cities of Ukraine“

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Marek Shir, author of the study, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (VSCHT) (Czech Republic)
Jitka Strakova, co-author of the study, Department of toxic substances and waste, Arnika (Czech Republic)
Maksym Soroka, co-author of the research, Research laboratory “Environmental protection in the railway transport“, V. Lazaryan Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport
Iryna Pyrogova, chairman of the regional organization “All-Ukrainian Ecological League“ (Zaporizhzhya)
Anna Ambrosova, public initiative “Stop polluting Kryvy Rih“
Yana Basista, project manager of an online map of sources of environmental pollution in Ukraine “Detox Ukraine“ (Dnipro)
Moderator: Olena Miskun, director for cooperation with communities, NGO “Ecodiya”