Topic: “Results of “Hackaton” competition for senior schoolchildren on aerial reconnaissance with the use of UAVs”

Press center UCMC announce

Ivan Rodichenko, volunteer, founder and director of “Geoserver” project
Dmytro Ruzhytskyi, СЕО of the Platform for Innovations Development
Danylo Pirogov, analyst of the Platform for Innovations Development
Sergiy Ischeryakov, director of the program “Student-Programmer”
Yegor Goryachkin, site manager of company “Ciklum”
Oleksandr Pirogov, “Geoserver” expert on software development, specialist of company “Ciklum”, veteran of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, advisor to “Geoserver” on aerial reconnaissance
Oleksandr Vinnyk, specialist of company “Ciklum”, “Geoserver” expert on software development and calculations