Topic: “Sexism in media and advertising: how to battle discrimination? Presentation of the semi-annual report of the All-Ukrainian campaign ‘Ukraine without sexism’”

Press center UCMC announce

Yulia Makarova, projects coordinator of the NGO “Women’s Rights Protection League ‘Harmony of Equal’”
Iryna Suslova, Member of Parliament of Ukraine (faction “Petro Poroshenko Bloc”), Head of the Subcommittee on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination
Oleh Kobelkov, Head of the Department of Advertising Control and Compliance with the Anti-Tobacco Legislation of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine
Kateryna Flekman, co-founder of the News Agency “Journalist”
Tetiana Kasyan, Editor in Chief of WoMo.UA
Dasha Derska, Communications Specialist, representative of the Fearless project
Moderated by Oleksandra Holub, Chairman of the NGO “Women’s Rights Protection League ‘Harmony of Equal’”