Topic: “Why is quality management of municipal services so far only in the dreams of reformers?”

Press center UCMC announce

Mykhailo Zolotukhin, director of NGO “Mykolayiv City Development Fund”
Natalia Drozd, Head of NGO “Center Dobrochyn” (Chernihiv)
Tetyana Kyrylova, Head of NGO “Public Initiative of Luhansk Region” (Severodonetsk)
Oleksiy Andreev, Head of NGO “Dnipropetrovsk Coordination and Expert Center for Regulatory Policy”
Kate Davenport, Political Advisor to the British Embassy in Ukraine
Yuriy Stalnichenko, Secretary of the Minsk City Council
Vyacheslav Lega, Head of the Department of Legal and Human Resources of Nizhyn
city ​​Council
Vitaliy Lukov, Head of Voznesenska ATC, Mykolaiv Oblast (via Skype)