From Vilnius to Washington: which NATO summit will become historical?

Press center UCMC announce

Attention! In case of an air alert, visitors of the event can use the shelter located in the basement of the Ukrainian House ( Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Ukrainian House, 1st floor. 2 Khreshchatyk street, Kyiv 01001 )

On the eve of the NATO summit in Vilnius, final coordination of a political decision regarding the terms and timing of Ukraine’s invitation to become a NATO member is underway. The Ukrainian people, the Defense Forces of Ukraine did everything possible to ensure that our NATO partners would demonstrate leadership, compliance with new challenges and threats, and made a historic decision for Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A correct and powerful signal to the Russian invaders would become an organic part of the formula for victory and the establishment of a just and lasting peace in Europe. What steps are needed inside and outside Ukraine so that the model of collective security and defense on the continent will work in full force? Is Ukraine ready to overcome any obstacles to the completion of security and defense sector reforms in the near future? What else needs to happen for the NATO countries to make the only right decision?