Day 278: ninety-seven per cent of Russia’s missile attacks strike civilian targets

Russia launched 16,000 missile attacks on Ukraine, 97 per cent of which were civilian targets, Ukraine’s Defense Minister says

Russia has launched more than 16,000 missile strikes at Ukraine since the start of the invasion, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on Twitter. The majority of the strikes — 97% of them, were aimed at civilian targets, he said on Twitter.

Ukraine is fighting against a terrorist state, Reznikov said. “Ukraine will prevail and will bring the [Russian] war criminals to justice”, he added. More than 12,300 Russian attacks struck villages and suburbs, 1,900 – residential houses, 500 – military facilities, 250 – transport infrastructure, 220 – energy infrastructure, and 800 more attacks targeted other facilities, the Defense Minister said. 

Foreign ministers from seven Baltic, Nordic states visit Kyiv

Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden further reaffirmed their economic, military, and humanitarian support for Ukraine, and vowed to step up the sanctions against Russia, the ministers said in a joint statement on the visit to Kyiv on Monday. 

“Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Nordic and Baltic states have provided substantial political, economic, military and humanitarian support to Ukraine. We will continue working together in providing political and practical support to ensure Ukraine’s ability to defend its independence and territorial integrity,” the statement reads.

The Baltic and Nordic countries will never recognize the illegal attempted annexation of Ukraine’s territories, including Crimea, the Ministers said in the statement. They also reaffirmed their joint efforts aimed at achieving de-occupation of Crimea.

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