Day 341: Poland’s F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine, seven-point plan to force Putin to retreat

Poland ready to hand over F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, if allies agree

Poland is ready to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in coordination with NATO.

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak said on Telegram: “Work on obtaining F-16 fighters continues. We have positive signals from Poland, which is ready to hand them over to us in coordination with NATO. Tanks and fighters are a great company for turning Russian enemies into fertilizer.”

In a news conference on Monday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Poland could hand over F-16 jets to Ukraine, if allies agree.

In response to a reporter’s question, Morawiecki said: “Similarly to the MiG-29s a few months ago, any other aircraft could be possibly sent, if there is an agreement with allies. We will act in lockstep with NATO allies.” 

How to force Putin to retreat — Poroshenko’s seven-point plan

Former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko released a seven-point plan to force Russia to retreat. Here are the plan’s major points.

1. We expect the G7 to lower the price cap on Russian oil in March. We’d like to see it closer to the floor than the ceiling. The current price cap is above the market price for Russian oil.

2. There’s a need to tighten controls over a ban on transshipment of Russian oil and production of blends that contain the Russian crude. We call for stricter controls as [shippers and refiners] hide origin of Russian oil.  

3. The entry to the Suez Canal by Russian subject-to-sanctions export goods shall be blocked by every tool available in the international law, including the energy cargoes that are not insured by insurance companies known for diligent compliance with the sanctions regime. Simply do not accept policies from unreliable insurance companies that are under the influence of Russia or its partners that do not comply with the sanctions regime. Perpetrators shall be stopped by the naval forces of NATO member states, the plan reads.

4. Let’s move from Africa to the Arctic. Restrictions on Russian trade in liquefied gas should be strictly observed. We are grateful to equipment and technology suppliers like French Total, German Linde and Siemens, and Japanese Mitsui for stopping cooperation with the Arctic LNG2 project, as well as South Korean Daewoo Heavy that refused a tempting contract for 15 ice-class tankers.

5. There is a need to finally close Druzhba oil pipeline down, and we need help in attaining the understanding of it with Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. It is absurd when the Russians destroy our infrastructure, and we still have to pump approximately 12 million tons of Russian oil! Based on the agreement with the partners, I have no doubts that Ukraine will stop both Druzhba and our part of the GTS (gas transportation system). The only reason why we still pump oil and gas is because we count on the opinion of those of our partners who still consume Russian energy resources, Poroshenko says.

6. [We call for] depriving Russia of nearly ten billion dollars by denying to it an opportunity to provide uranium enrichment services and nuclear power plant construction. As an accomplice to the crimes of the Russian military at the Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plants, RosAtom deserves the strictest possible sanctions. Let’s not forget that Russia itself is blackmailing the whole world with nuclear weapons.

7. About half of the aggressor’s gold and currency reserves worth of more than USD 300 billion dollars are now blocked. Over USD 130 billion worth of gold shall go illiquid for sure. So it is not enough to ban buying gold in Russia. Any possibility of using it for pledge or in other way should be blocked. Russian gold is bloody gold, Russian diamonds are bloody diamonds, especially if you take into account the dirty business of the Wagner group in the African countries, the plan reads.

Read the full text in English here.

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