Day 350: President Zelenskyi begins a tour of Europe

Russia will lose, victory will change the world, President Zelenskyi says addressing UK Parliament

Russia will lose the war, and Ukraine’s victory will change the world, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said, addressing the UK Parliament Wednesday.

“We will always come out on top of evil. This lies at the core of our – but also your – traditions. However, the horizon never stays clear for a while. Once the old evil is defeated, the new one is attempting to raise its head,” President Zelenskyi said. “We know freedom will win. We know Russia will lose,” the Ukrainian President said to a loud round of applause. 

Ukraine’s victory will change the world. These will be the changes that the world has long needed, he added.

“The United Kingdom is marching with us towards the most important victory of our lifetime. It will be a victory over the very idea of the war. After we win together, any aggressor – big or small – will know what awaits him if he attacks international order,” Zelenskyi stated.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the UK will extend Ukraine military training to pilots and marines and will provide Ukraine with longer range capabilities. 

Later in the day, Zelenskyi met with King Charles III at Buckingham Palace.

Zelenskyi to meet with Macron, Scholz in Paris Wednesday

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will travel to Paris later on Wednesday to meet with Emmanuel Macron, according to a statement from the French president’s office.

The German DPA news agency also said that the leaders will meet in Paris on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, Zelenskyi is expected to come to Brussels to attend an EU summit. 

Ukraine’s air force strikes Russian positions

Ukraine’s air force launched 24 strikes on the Russian forces’ positions. Ukrainian missile troops and artillery hit two Russian command posts, and ammunition and fuel stores, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in an evening report on Wednesday.

“The Ukrainian Air Force launched 21x air strikes on concentrations of personnel and military equipment of the Russian occupying forces, and 3x air strikes on the positions of anti-aircraft missile systems,” the report reads. 

“Ukrainian missile troops and artillery hit 2x enemy command posts, 2x concentrations of manpower, 1x ammunition depot, and 1x fuel depot,” the General Staff said.

North Korea in the russian-Ukrainian war. Ukraine in Flames #335

russian-North Korean bilateral relations only grew stronger after russia’s invasion of Ukraine. North Korea was one of the few countries that officially recognised two separatist “people’s republics” backed by russia and voted against condemning russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Watch Ukraine in flames #335 to learn more about the role of North Korea in the russian-Ukrainian war amidst recent accusations of them supplying ammunition to the russian mercenary group Wagner for use in Ukraine.


  • Artur Kharytonov, President of the NGO “Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine”
  • Ivan Kyrychevskyi, Defence Express military expert