Deconstructing Russia: Expert Insights from the Hudson Institute’s Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum

Varvara Shmygalova, Head of the Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group (HWAG) at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre (UCMC),  recently spoke at the Sixth Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum in the United States. The main topic of the events, held in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York from April 25-28, 2023, were defined as “A New Future of Northern Eurasia: Architecture of Post-Russian Space”. Shmygalova’s presentation was covering the topic “5 Reasons why Russia Should Dismantle”, you can view it in the attached video. 

The Hudson Institute brought together speakers from around the globe who discussed their visions and plans for deconstructing Russia and forging a new future. With guest speakers, including Luke Coffey, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute; Alexander J. Motyl, a remarkable professor of Political Science, at Rutgers University-Newark, a specialist on Ukraine, Russia, and the USSR; Paul Goble, a former CIA analyst, now a writer with expertise in Russia; Dr. Anders Aslund, an economist and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council; Edward Lucas, a British journalist; Diane Francis, Editor, Financial Post, Atlantic Council Non-Resident Senior Fellow; and Vladislav Inozemtsev, Democratic Alliance of Free Serbia VI, among many others, it is indicative of the topic’s significance and the increasing interest in comprehending the dynamics of post-Putin Russia. 

The discussion was undeniably thought-provoking, with every expert offering a unique perspective, moving one step closer to a more stable world order. As the world closely observes the developments in Russia, discussions such as these provide valuable insight into the future of the territories of Northern Eurasia and contribute to the dismantlement of the modern Russian empire.