Edwards Smiltens about Latvia active support to Ukraine

“Latvia was the first country to start supporting Ukraine on a large scale. It was 14 February 2022. We raised flags in Riga. We started sending you military equipment – everything we had at that time. And we raised a large part of the public, who donated millions of euros. Individuals donated their cars to the frontline. 1% of our GDP is aid to Ukraine. We took the initiative to create the European Drone Coalition and other initiatives. In February, we made changes to the laws and banned the import of Russian products to prevent Russia from providing resources. To prevent them from supplying resources that can be used in technology through our country”, – said Edwards Smiltens, Member of the Saeima of Latvia, Speaker of the Saeima in 2022-2023.

Edwards Smiltens spoke about Latvia active support to Ukraine. The country sent military equipment and other assistance. In particular, it banned imports of Russian products to prevent Russia from using resources for the sale of products in military equipment.