Experts on disinfo: Ru influence in Czech Republic

There are still not enough people, who would be aware of the threat, who would be vaccinated against what might be happening in the disinformation sphere.

This quote from Jakub Kalensky, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, in relation to the “Four lines of defense against disinformation” as well as comments on the political actors spreading COVID-19 disinformation in Czech Republic and the cyberattacks of Czech hospitals during COVID-19, can be found in our latest issue of “Experts on Disinfo”. For additional information, please check out these links below:

Articles in English:

Articles in Czech:

  • Vyhlášení války českým nemocnicím. Figuruje v tom ruská státní firma
  • Ruský ministr označil kvůli Koněvovi starostu Koláře za nacistu. Podle Petříčka je na místě omluva