How Kremlin Targets Western Bilateral Relations

How kremlin targets western bilateral relations

The Kremlin pours enormous resources into influence operations abroad targeting bilateral relations between Western countries. Thus, Russia attempts to undermine Western unity and individual states. It is beneficial for the Kremlin to:

  • weaken partnership relations among Western nations;
  • polarize societies in targeted countries;
  • distract them from Russian threats.

Just one latest example of the Kremlin’s influence was the anti-Hungarian campaign curated from Russia in one of the Ukrainian cities in Transcarpathia. (More about the case here).

The Kremlin often acts by the same scenario, no matter if attacking the relations between Ukraine and Hungary or Poland and Romania. That is why it is important to understand what methods the Kremlin has in its tool kit.Take a look at our infographic and explore what various forms Kremlin’s hybrid influence can take when it comes to targeting bilateral relations.