How Russia’s Military Escalation Keeps the World in Tension

Despite the numerous peace talks and calls on Russia to de-escalate tensions around Ukraine, the aggressor is only building up its forces: there are 127,000 troops on the border with Ukraine as of January 2022.

A new front of possible invasion is opening up in Belarus: under the guise of the alleged “military drills”, the Russian military continue being moved there, including thousands of soldiers, SU-35 fighter jets, S-400 and PANTSIR-S air-defense systems, and more.

A full-scale invasion is one of the scenarios but the Kremlin is prepared for other ways to expand its hybrid aggression, which we explain in our new video, which also answers the following:

  • What other military forces is Russia relying on?
  • What is the role of information operations in its hybrid war?

Watch our explainer where we break down what’s key to keep in mind — be informed and stay put.