How Russia Uses the Rhetoric of Nazi Germany

The similarities between the ways Russia and Nazi Germany wage wars were apparent even before last year’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, however, the resemblance has become even more obvious since February 2022. This is when the term Russism (Ruscism) became more used internationally to underline Russia’s military expansionism and how the Kremlin’s rule is built on the far-right ideology.

The carpet bombing of Ukrainian cities, copying Nazi propaganda leaflets in attempts to influence Ukrainians under occupation, making civilians go through “filtration camps” and deporting them to Russia are just a few examples.

The Kremlin and its mouthpieces have also echoed Hitler’s rhetoric to make Ukraine surrender, quite uselessly, though. We take a closer look at how Russian propaganda and its agents in Ukraine have tried to use the Nazi methods in a series of infographics.

To be continued!