How Russia Violates Human Rights in Occupied Donbas

With the detention of war criminal and head of Izolyatsia secret prison Kulykovsky in Kyiv this month, the world is again reminded of Russia’s gruesome crimes against human dignity. Izolyatsia is notorious as a torture chamber established by the Russian hybrid forces in occupied Donetsk at the premises of a former art center.

Ever since Russia’s invasion, the occupied territories of Ukraine have become scenes of vast human rights violations as part of the Kremlin’s tactics to enforce its control. We look at Russia’s disregard for human freedoms in occupied Donbas in our new video, watch to learn about:

  • the persecution of free and independent media;
  • the enforced disappearances and illegal convictions;
  • the use of tortures in the Izolyatsia concentration camp;
  • and more…