How the Kremlin’s Agents Push the Topic of ”Peace” on Russian Terms

On the International Day of Peace, let’s look at the disinformation narratives pushed by the pro-Kremlin forces in Ukraine that exploit the topic of “peace” on Russian terms.

Ukraine has been fighting Russian hybrid aggression for the eighth year already having lost more than 10,000 of its people to war. Naturally, the prospect of reaching peace is extremely sensitive for Ukrainians, and the Kremlin uses every opportunity to speculate on the topic.

We listed the key narratives in the infographic below – by promoting them, the Kremlin tries to push its agenda with such goals in mind:

  • to shift the focus and responsibility for the aggression from Russia to Ukraine or “the West”;
  • to make Ukraine accept the Kremlin’s terms of ending the war;
  • to return Ukraine back into Russia’s sphere of influence.