“It’s either victory and the birth of a new world, or annihilation” -Russian Propagandist Dugin

Dugin, Putin’s strategic advisor or AKA Putin’s brain, expressed his distaste with the West’s imposition of sanctions on Iran (to which he tells the West forced Russia to comply with) and the West’s new perception of Russia as an outsider – recent interview on a Russian propagandist channel, May 26.

Dugin contends that Russia has no choice but to join forces with other nations labelled “nomads” by the West in order to forge a new world order free of Western dominance.

According to Dugin, Russia has two options: complete isolation from the rest of the world, which would strengthen Russian identity and beliefs, leading to victory and a promising tomorrow, or opening up to other civilizations while keeping the West out. He harshly criticises the West, comparing it to hell in terms of lies, double standards, and hostile values. 

Dugin emphasises the importance of Russia taking a different path, one of which centred around Africa, the Islamic world, China, Iran, and Latin America. He says that the West has attempted to marginalise Russia, but claims that Russia has risen above this and is moving forward. “The west has indeed swept us on the western map, but we have risen up, gathered ourselves, and stayed put – instead, we are developing.”

“We will never return to our previous course. It’s either victory and the birth of a new world, or annihilation, as our President has repeatedly warned.”

Dugin’s thoughts reflect his desire for Russia to assert its independence and pursue alliances outside of Western influence, implying a shift in Russia’s global perspective, however instead comes across as delusional and desperate.