Day 414: Germany approves Poland’s request to send MiG-29 jets to Ukraine

Germany approves a Polish request to transfer MiG-29 jets to Ukraine. The Council of the EU authorizes disbursement of one billion euros to buy ammunition for Ukraine. Biden comments publicly for first time about Pentagon documents leak.

EU Council authorizes disbursement of one billion euros to buy ammunition for Ukraine

On Thursday, April 13, the Council of the EU formally adopted a decision on an assistance measure worth one billion euros under the European Peace Facility to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

“This measure will allow the EU to reimburse member states for ammunition donated to Ukraine from existing stocks or from the reprioritisation of existing orders during the period 9 February to 31 May 2023,” the Council said in a statement. “With today’s decision, we operationalise the first part of the historic agreement reached by EU leaders to support the immediate delivery of €1 billion worth of artillery ammunition for the Ukrainian armed forces. There is no better demonstration of the EU’s united resolve and determination to continue supporting Ukraine’s legitimate right of self-defence against the brutal Russian aggressor,” EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell said.

On March 20, EU foreign and defense ministers approved a plan for sending Ukraine two billion euros worth of ammunition.

The Council decision allocates one billion euros to get Ukraine one million rounds of ammunition over the next 12 months, and another billion for a seven-year project to acquire ammunition to cover member state needs.

Germany approves Poland’s request to send MiG-29 jets to Ukraine

Germany has approved a Polish request to transfer five MiG-29 fighter jets from former East German military stocks to Ukraine, the German Defense Ministry said Thursday.

The permission was needed because Germany used to own the planes that were later sent to Poland.

On March 23, Slovakia sent four Soviet-designed MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, which makes it the first NATO member to do so. Poland has given Ukraine eight fighters and pledged to send six more MiG-29 planes. 

Polish President Andrzej Duda said Warsaw could give Ukraine all its MiG-29 fighter jets if the Allies give the green light to the request.

Ukraine’s Air Force said that modernized Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter planes will help Ukraine, but will unlikely change the situation on the front lines. They do not have on-board radar systems and cannot carry modern missiles, the Air Force said.

Biden comments publicly for first time about Pentagon documents leak

U.S. President Joe Biden has commented publicly for the first time about the release of Pentagon documents that were posted on several social media sites.

While on a visit to Dublin on Thursday, Biden said while he was concerned that sensitive government documents had been leaked, “there’s nothing contemporaneous that I’m aware of that is of great consequence.”

Biden noted that a “full-blown” investigation was underway by the intelligence community and the Justice Department on who leaked the information. “We’re getting close,” he said on answers. “But I don’t have an answer.”

Ukraine’s military intelligence said the leaked documents were false, describing them as part of an operation by Russian security services. Leaked documents show a rift over the scale of casualties in Ukraine, The New York Times said. Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, said on Wednesday the alleged leaks contain a mixture of true and false information.

The person behind a massive leak of classified U.S. military documents worked on a military base and posted sensitive national security secrets in an online group of acquaintances, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

What’s behind Iran’s military support for russia? Ukraine in Flames #399

In the last year Iran has supplied russia with so-called kamikaze drones that it has used to attack Ukrainian civilian targets and has also advised the Kremlin on how to circumvent the international sanctions it faces as a result of its actions. russia’s relentless attacks on Ukrainian targets over the past year have exhausted its supply of rockets, that’s why Iranian support, as with drones, presents an attractive alternative. Watch Ukraine in flames #399 to find out about the reasoning behind Iran’s support for russia and what keeps this cooperation afloat.


  • Ihor Semyvolos, Executive Director of Association of Middle East Studies
  • Iliya Kusa, International Politics Expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future
  • Vira Konstantynova, International Relations Expert (Iranian Studies)