Key Russian Disinfo Tactics of the Week

The pro-Russian disinformation disseminators in Ukraine have intensely targeted key Ukrainian volunteering organizations supporting the Ukrainian army this week, as their representatives were invited to speak before the US Congress. Anonymous Telegram channels and bots tried to portray as though their leaders such as Serhii Prytula use volunteering to get into power and misappropriate the raised funds to use them for their own purposes.

Organizations such as “Come back alive”, Serhii Prytula Charitable Foundation, as well as Razom for Ukraine and Blue/Yellow for Ukraine constantly invest great work into comprehensive support and provision of the Defense Forces of Ukraine with all necessary means for superiority on the battlefield and thus save many lives of Ukrainian defenders while bringing Ukraine’s victory closer. All this is possible thanks to continuous donations from Ukrainians and Ukraine’s friends abroad. Russian propaganda understandably sees these organizations as a threat to Russia’s prospects in its war and seeks to discredit them in the eyes of Ukrainians and other donors.