#KremlinNarratives: Olena Bondarenko on infiltrators in Ukraine

Olena Bondarenko on infiltrators in Ukraine
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Olena Bondarenko – one of the most active promoters of #KremlinNarratives in Ukraine – is spreading the message about “agents of the third state” Putin loves so much that Russia has laws in place to designate certain NGO as such.

There is a twofold problem with such narrative: process of searching for “foreign agents” (which is quite ironic in this case) does not need much proof due to its conspiracy-based nature and, subsequently, everyone, who criticizes your activities or the views you promote, can be dubbed a “foreign agent”.

Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes adore this tactic of looking for an “enemy” within the society and one does not have to look far in history to find examples of mass purges, based around this principle.