#KremlinNarratives: Viktor Medvedchuk on external governance

Viktor Medvedchuk on external governance
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Viktor Medvedchuk – top member of our #KremlinNarratives rubric – is seen here not only promoting his favorite “Ukraine is governed from the outside”, but also disputing #Ukraine being a democratic and lawful state.

We believe it is a part of an information campaign dedicated to the Constitution Day, since #Medvedchuk himself, several members of his “Opposition Platform – For Life” party and experts from Pogrebinsky to Lazarev on Medvedchuk’s channels were recently repeating and promoting this thesis as a play on Article 1 of Ukrainian #Constitution.

Tying their campaign to a news opportunity like a national holiday is, unfortunately, an effective way for pro-#Russian actors to promote several key points from their agenda from “external governance” to criticism of reforms.