#KremlinNarratives: Volodymyr Bystriakov on Ethnic Groups

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Meet Volodymyr Bystriakov, yet another promoter of #KremlinNarratives on Medvedchuk-affiliated channels, who has also previously claimed that that Russia did not occupy Crimea.

This quote, which starkly misuses the American example, promotes an idea of Ukrainian “federalization”, which is very appealing to Kremlin that wants to have direct influence on Kyiv through its proxies in Donbas region.

Not only is Ukraine a homogeneous unitary state that does not need a federation status, such move will also create a platform for manipulations on Ukrainian central government under the threat of secessionism, fueled from 3Russia.

This is why pro-Kremlin forces in Ukraine, like Renat Kuzmin – MP from Medvedchuk’s party – create so-called forums, where select individuals are invited to voice such ideas.

The forum is called “Ukrainian national idea”, but a more honest name for it would be “Ukrainian national idea – Russian edition”.