#KremlinNarratives: Yevheniy Chervonenko on national idea

Yevheniy Chervonenko
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Meet Yevheniy Chervonenko – Ukrainian politician and currently a frequent guest on Medvedchuk’s channels – yet another promoter of #KremlinNarratives in Ukraine.

The quote needs a more detailed unpacking, since it contains not only a variation on Russia’s constant “Ukraine is a failed state” narrative, but also glorification of “neutrality” as a vector of Ukraine’s foreign relations.

This thesis from Yanukovich’s era means denouncing Euro-Atlantic integration and, despite its name, closer cooperation with Russia, which is why it is actively promoted by pro-Kremlin forces.

Not only is approach frankly unnecessary in a country, where 64% of population support Ukraine’s ambition to join the EU and 51% think NATO is the best way to guarantee Ukraine’s security (according to the latest poll from Democratic Initiatives Foundation-Фонд “Демократичні Ініціативи”), but it also harmful, since it is served under the guise of false “neutrality”.