Don’t forget those you have tamed

The attitude towards our smallest friends is a sign of our humanity. They believe that we will not abandon them in hard times, and then they will thank us. In the first days of the war, when one could take out as many pets as they wanted, many Ukrainians took advantage of that. Now the conditions for importing pets to the EU countries have become stricter, so those who leave should think of it earlier.

Animal rights activist and public activist Yana Titarenko is particularly impressed by the love that our military show for the four-legged. Once, a wounded cat was delivered from the Kherson region to Odesa in an ammunition box. It was cured and is now looking for a new family. 

Volodymyr Henyk, Odesa 


Video is prepared within the project “Countering Disinformation in Southern and Eastern Ukraine” funded by the European Union.