Number of the Day

Ukrainian law enforcement officers have discovered 22 torture chambers in the liberated territories of Kharkiv Oblast as of October 20.In particular, places of torture were found in such settlements: Vovchansk (2), Kupinask (4), Shevchenkove (2), Izium (4), Kozacha Lopan (3), Lyptsi, Velykyi Burluk, Pisky-Radkivski, and Borova.

According to Volodymyr Tymoshko, the head of the Main Department of the National Police in Kharkiv Oblast, it is impossible at present to give the total number of people who were tortured, as some of them are currently in the Russian Federation. There were also instances when occupiers deported people to Russia, tortured them there, and then returned them to Ukraine, the police reported.