Olena Churanova: you can be sure that it is the Kremlin propaganda

“When you hear or read that everything in Ukraine started with the best intentions, Russia is a peaceful country and protects its culture, values and population, and the real aggressor is the West, you can be sure that it is the Kremlin propaganda. This is the key narrative, but new ones emerge all the time. Today, propaganda reaches out to audiences in other countries in various ways to make their governments stop supporting Ukraine. They say there is no reason for this, there is a huge level of corruption here, your aid will be stolen and sold on some black market. They say: every country has problems, and your government should focus on solving them instead of getting involved in foreign wars. When you hear it, it’s also a broadcast of Russian propaganda,” – emphasized Olena Churanova, fact-checker, media expert at the StopFake.org project, speaking about the outer broadcast of narratives about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

How can we reduce this Russian information influence on the countries of South Asia, which are increasingly convinced that this Moscow’s behavior can provoke Beijing to do something similar to its neighbors?