Podcast: EP #1 Yemen. Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group

The Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group’s (UCMC) analysts convene to delve into the realms of Russian disinformation, propaganda, and the influence of hybrid warfare in 2024. In these succinct podcast episodes, the team explores recent observations and analyses, sharing expert opinions and conclusions on the prevailing challenges within the information sphere today.

EP 1 – Yemen

Podcast Host: Matt Wickham, HWAG analyst
Speakers: Volodymyr Solovian, HWAG Head and Anton Khimiak, HWAG analyst

A discussion based on HWAG’s recent articleYemen: a new frontier against the “axis of evil” or a manifestation of the West’s failure to act?


  • Tell our listeners about your article in a nutshell. What did you want to bring to light from this analysis? (Anton)
  • How does the Bab el-Mandeb Strait relate to the “free world” versus the “Tehran-Moscow axis of evil,” as you described it in your analysis?
  • What narratives does Russia’s propaganda campaign promote in the Arab world about the Yemen conflict?(Volodymyr)
  • With RT Arabic’s regional office in Algeria, how much do Russian media outlets like RT-Arabic influence Arab public opinion? Do these outlets use any unique strategies or narratives? (Anton)