Podcast: EP #2 Russian Wikipedia. Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group

The Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group’s (UCMC) analysts convene to delve into the realms of Russian disinformation, propaganda, and the influence of hybrid warfare in 2024. In these succinct podcast episodes, the team explores recent observations and analyses, sharing expert opinions and conclusions on the prevailing challenges within the information sphere today.

EP 2 – Russian Wikipedia

Podcast Host: Matt Wickham, HWAG analyst
Speaker: Anastasiia Ratieieva, HWAG analyst

In this episode, we discuss our analysis of how the Russian version of Wikipedia restricts access to information that is inconvenient for the regime while generating meanings that are favorable to the Kremlin.

1. What motivated you to investigate the manipulation of information on the Russian version of Wikipedia? How did you come across this?

2. Among your research, you provide some insights into the specific actions taken by the Russian government to censor or limit content on the Russian-language Wikipedia. Please remind them for our listeners, and how do you believe this influences the Russian-speaking world?

3. In the section discussing specific examples of interference, you compare the Russian, Ukrainian, and English versions of pages related to the “Russian invasion of Ukraine.” Please  elaborate on how these differences in language versions contribute to shaping perceptions of the war?

4. What was the most memorable moment of your research of this topic? Was there something you discovered that you found really quite shocking?