Podcast EP 8: Post-Crocus City Hall Attack. Russian Narratives Debunked

The Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group’s (UCMC) analysts convene to delve into the realms of Russian disinformation, propaganda, and the influence of hybrid warfare in 2024. In these succinct podcast episodes, the team explores recent observations and analyses, sharing expert opinions and conclusions on the prevailing challenges within the information sphere today.

On March 22, Moscow saw its most deadly terror attack on Crocus City Hall in recent history. The attack’s responsibility was claimed by ISIL, but Russia has done all it can to pin this on Ukraine as a means to sow more hatred and divide between the ‘west’ and Russia. 

In this episode, we will look to the future, analysing the impacts of the attack, the inconsistencies in the Kremlin’s narratives, and what changes we can forecast for Russia’s future politics.