PODCAST: tRue crime №2 – Sexism and Misogyny in Russian Propagandistic Discourse

Our podcast is dedicated to tackling russian hybrid threats and the tools of influence russian propaganda employs.
Produced by Hybrid Warfare Analysis Group (team of Ukrainian Crisis Media Center)

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Russian propaganda uses sexism and misogyny to shape public opinion and maintain a patriarchal narrative. From top officials’ statements to social media, sexist rhetoric pervades the Russian information space. It denigrates and devalues adversaries like Ukraine and the “collective West,” while also reinforcing traditional gender roles and undermining women’s rights. And so, we feel it is rather fitting for the next episode of #tRUecrimepodcast

The Russian regime encourages toxic masculinity, with President Putin projecting the image of a strong leader, however, Ukraine as a “failed state”, weak and submissive –

Ukraine is becoming more and more toxic in the international arena; she fulfills her image of a woman country more and more. This is an overripe port girl with too much makeup, hysterically tearful, demanding that everyone pity her for her Difficult Fate

This is just one of the examples you will hear in this episode.

Russian propagandists often attempt to portray Feminism as an extremist ideology. In doing so, Moscow hopes to discredit the feminist movement and strengthen anti-Western sentiment by associating it with the West and labelling feminists as agents of the US State Department.

Sexist slurs and slut-shaming are frequently used to humiliate Ukraine and European countries, perpetuating gender stereotypes and dominance. But in reality, it uses sexism and misogyny in propaganda to undermine gender equality, while conveniently diverting attention away from collective responsibility and war crimes.

Understanding how gender narratives are manipulated allows us to challenge and resist the divisive influence of Russian propaganda. Come, listen and find out for yourself on #tRUecrimepodcast