Announcement of the two-part panel discussion “Authoritarian responses to COVID-19”


Tune in tomorrow, 21st of May at 5 PM (Kyiv time), to a two-part online panel discussion “Authoritarian responses to COVID-19” organized by the Open Information Partnership.

“Authoritarian regimes have used the COVID-19 pandemic to tighten their grip on power and shut down legitimate debate, often spreading domestic disinformation. This often makes their countries more vulnerable to malign information operations from hostile states, and runs counter to public demand for transparency during the crisis. The situation is even more dangerous in occupied territories and isolated non-recognized states, where the ideological fervor of de facto authorities is much stronger, and public health is in even greater danger”.

Liubov Tsybulska, Head of Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group, will be discussing the disinformation such as anti-West narratives and conspiracies regarding the pandemic on the occupied territories in Ukraine and promoting the image of Russia as a humanitarian among the local audiences.