War in the Donbas and the Annexation of Crimea: Finding a Way Out


Oksana Syroid, Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Ukraine


In February 2014 Russia started a military operation in Ukraine, which led to the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The conflict has caused over 9,000 casualties and led to approximately two million internally displaced Ukrainians. The Minsk II Protocol, brokered by Germany and France, is in limbo as low-intensity military operations continue.

Oksana Syroid, deputy speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament (Samopomich Party) will present her vision for conflict resolution and a strategy for Ukraine to restore its sovereignty over the occupied territories. She will discuss the risks for Ukraine and Europe associated with holding elections in the occupied territories and threats stemming from constitutional changes proposed under Minsk II.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only. 

15:00 to 16:30

Chatham House, London

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