Propaganda Digest: A Collection of This Week’s Most Ridiculous Rhetoric

The “Almighty and Untouchable” BRICS

BRICS: Where doubters turned believers -Who would’ve thought it!

The results [of BRICS] have forced political scientists, journalists, and observers to acknowledge that this is now a concrete reality, a significant breakthrough. Initially, many doubted it, not because they didn’t believe it could happen a year and a half ago, but because the Western world was hesitant to accept it. Those who had predicted it faced silencing, accusations of collusion with the Kremlin, and some even ended up in legal trouble. Even now, they have tried to convince their Western audience that such a development was impossible. However, this breakthrough has unequivocally shown that a return to the old ways is out of the question.

Maria Zakharova, Chief State Propagandists

BRICS: Because Who Wants G7 When You Can Have Russia’s Masterclass in Alternative Diplomacy?

BRICS is evolving into an exclusive alliance of nations, not only in opposition to the West but as a showcase to the world that there exists an alternative path. It seeks to challenge the Western hegemony, both in political and economic spheres. The key lies in our collective determination to detach ourselves from Western influence. Russia, as a pivotal military and political force within BRICS, possesses the capability to assert that no one should underestimate this coalition. It will transform into a completely distinct organization, providing a credible alternative not only to the G7 but, I dare say, even the G20. This reimagined entity will make it abundantly clear that it stands apart from the Western paradigm.

Guest and Propagandist on Roman Golovanov Show, Solovievlive

Anti-LGBTQIA+ Rhetoric

Parades Near Churches and LGBTQ+ Military Units Sparked a ‘Saintly’ Reaction in Russia!

They [Ukrainians] have organized gay pride parades near significant religious sites in Kyiv.  CNN has reported on gay marriage within the Ukrainian armed forces, portraying it as a symbol of freedom. It’s come to light that there are units in the Ukrainian armed forces with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community, while in Russia, we have battalions named after saints. This stark contrast was further accentuated by the recent law decriminalizing pornography.

Yulia Vityazeva, Actress/talk show host Russian Propagandist

Europe’s Gender-Blender Massage Menu: The ‘Half Man’ Option

Just recently, I came across something intriguing on a European hotel’s website that I shared on my Telegram. When attempting to book a massage, you are confronted with a selection of ten gender options. One of these options, “half man,”. It’s clear that they are grappling with a crisis, and it’s crucial for us to face this reality. Regrettably, they tend to shield people from seeing the truth. Their approach seems to involve suppressing dissent and projecting themselves as leaders, compared to [Russia’s] a different approach centered on genuine equality, not as a mere concept but as an actual practice. It hinges on the ability to listen, think critically, and adapt to complex circumstances.

Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation  Chief State Propagandists

Ukraine’s Advancing Counter-offensive

Ukraine’s Leopards: A Feline Fiasco not a Roaring Success?

There were high expectations for the Leopards, but unfortunately, that endeavor ended abruptly. I doubt the manufacturers of F-16s would be eager to experience a similar setback. This also challenges the perception that Western weaponry surpasses Russian alternatives.

Yulia Vityazeva, Actress/talk show host Russian Propagandist

Nothing to See Here, Just Another Good Will Deed on the Horizen – Ingenious!

Let’s take a realistic view of the situation. Our current strategy of defending ourselves honorably shouldn’t be seen as a defeat; it’s a tactical necessity dictated by the conditions on the front lines. When faced with extensive artillery bombardment using cluster munitions, it’s strategically wiser to relocate our personnel. Looking ahead, we recognize the need to go on the offensive. It’s evident that the Ukrainians have concentrated all their resources in the Rabotino area, leaving them with little else to deploy.

Andrey Gurulev, State Duma deputy, reserve lieutenant general, Russian Propagandist , on air on SolovyovLIVE

Drone Attacks: Let’s Keep Our Humanity in Tact. It’s Not Too Late. Is it?

My deepest concern, however, is the rising frequency of drone attacks. I appeal to those in authority to provide clear guidelines on how to respond if we ever find ourselves in such a situation. While we hope that a drone never crashes into our homes, it’s crucial that we are prepared to react, protect ourselves, and safeguard our families. I urge the authorities to supply us with straightforward protocols. Human life is irreplaceable, and we must cherish every moment. 

Yulia Vityazeva, Actress/talk show host Russian Propagandist

Sperm of the West

Sperm Shopping: From Russia with Love or Abroad with Cash?

If you’re interested in obtaining sperm from a Russian citizen with a Russian passport, it will cost you 16,000 rubles at a St.Petersburg clinic. However, if you prefer sperm from someone abroad, it will set you back 35,000 rubles. We were also curious about whether people showed more interest in Russian sperm or sperm from abroad, but the clinic informed us that they do not keep statistics on such preferences.

Roman Golovanov, talk show host, Propagandist

IVF Incentives: Why be Russian When You Could be of a Higher Sort?

Many individuals are swayed by financial incentives to undergo IVF treatments. It’s a trend driven by what some might call a misguided aspiration among our women since the era of perestroika – the desire to marry a foreigner. They are often promised that “your child won’t be just another Russian, but something entirely different – perhaps a British gentleman or a French Chevalier.”

Sergey Mikheev, Politician, talk show host, Russian Propagandist

Deep Rooted Inferiority Complex in the Russian Society

These dynamics typically stem from an internal sense of inferiority. This inner insecurity often gives rise to a sort of subservient reliance on others, and sadly, it can also foster feelings of resentment. When it comes to Ukrainian nationalism, it can be seen as an offshoot of this internal inferiority complex, as there’s a strong desire to emulate Europeans. 

Sergey Mikheev, Politician, talk show host, Russian Propagandist

Religion: We Are Real Christians

Western Church-Goers Skip Confession and Communion, the Shame!

In our country, more people go to church compared to Western countries. However, their church attendance doesn’t involve practices like taking communion or confessing sins, which are essential parts of traditional church life. Still, they identify with Orthodox culture and consider themselves a part of it. But just this identification isn’t sufficient. 

Natalia Narochnitskaya, Politician, Russian Propagandist