Propaganda Digest: A Collection of This Weeks Most Ridiculous Rhetoric

Soviet Spin: Embracing the Unseen Triumphs and Unfelt Defeats of the Cold War

“The Anglo-Saxons launched a war against the Soviet Union as soon as Hitler was assassinated, and by the way, the term “cold” [as in “Cold War”] has no meaning. A war is a war, and this one was waged against the Soviet Union. However, it is not true that we lost the Cold War. We did not lose. We may have lost the ideological race. But, the Soviet Union was undefeated, both economically and militarily.”

Dmitry Kulikov, Political Scientist and Russian Propagandist and host of ‘Formula of Meaning’ talk show

Steel Snub: Hot news!!! Ukraine opts for European Steel

“Azovstal offered their steel for this project (The reconstruction of the Ukraine Mother Monument), but the Ukrainian government declined, claiming that it was insufficient and that European steel would be used instead. Even in their own steel factory, they couldn’t make their coat of arms.”

Nikolai Starikov, Russian writer and propagandist on 60 minutes talk show.

Solovyov’s School of Thought: A Whimsical Wonderland of Midwives and Civic Duty!

“Why don’t you like the IMT [Initial Military Training], (A new military training for children at school) Do you realize what time we live in? We’re first going to teach teachers how to teach the IMT all over. Perhaps veterans from military operations and special military operations will attend and share their experiences. This training is not an abstract thing like what they currently have in school (Life Safety Basics). Girls must be prepared to be midwives, and men, you must perform your civic duty.”

Vladimir Solovyov, Russian Television Presenter and Russian Propagandist

Demonisation of West

“Modern Western civilization is a civilization on the verge of Satanism, i.e. the conscious worship of evil. One by one, the consistent legalization of all those sins that are stated as absolutely unacceptable in almost all world religions, their elevation to the status of a cult, the status of a rule, and the adoption of laws that force you to do it. This is a grave situation that demonstrates that the West is on a very dark civilizational path.”

Sergei Mikheev, Politician and Russian Propagandist on ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’

Denial of Other’s Identity

“For a long time, we did not say that we are only similar [to the west], but that we are the same. This is exactly what those from the former Soviet republics continue to say – “They are Europeans.” But they are not, and they will discover this sooner or later.”

Sergei Mikheev, Politician and Russian Propagandist on ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’

Russians Still Struggling with the Temptation to Join the ‘Terrible’ West

“Unfortunately, many of us have not yet overcome our desire to be a part of the West, and many of these people remain in the [Russian] establishment. They talk about how terrible Russians are. If they were to say the same things in America about other Americans and the president, they would have been imprisoned long ago. 

Elena Vladimirovna Panina, Former Member of the State Duma and Russian Propagandist on ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’

Welcome to Russia: Where Freedom of Speech is Absolutely Optional!

“We all know what happens to politicians and journalists who dare to express their own opinions. one that contradicts the country’s propagandistic propaganda imposed by the authorities.”

Elena Vladimirovna Panina, Former Member of the State Duma and Russian Propagandist on ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’

Oops, Looks Like We Accidentally Resurrected the Ukrainian Navy 

“What is going on in the Black Sea right now shows that the Ukrainian Navy, not NATO, is threatening the Black Sea. If Ukraine remains on the Black Sea’s shores and ports, it will be Ukrainian ships that threaten us, not America or Britain, but Ukrainian ones will threaten and blow up Russian ships.”

Yaakov Kedmi, Former Israeli Politician, current Russian Propagandist on ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’

“They Wanted to join the EU and they lost Crimea. They wanted to join NATO, and then they lose four regions, and now they will lose the Black Sea.”

Vladimir Solovyov, Russian television presenter and Russian Propagandist on ‘Evening with Vladimir Soloviev’

From ‘Servant of the People’ to ‘Served His Time’: The CIA is done with Zelensky

“In the West, there is growing fatigue with both him and the insatiable Kyiv regime. His ingratitude has become a dominant theme in European politics. This is openly stated at the official level, not only in Britain but also in Poland. The fate of Washington and Brussels puppets always ends the same way – they are disposed of. Zelensky is next in line.”

Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on his telegram channel

“Zelensky’s record is marked by a significant amount of bloodshed, pervasive corruption, extensive deception, and a multitude of both small and large secrets that should not see the light of day. Typically, Americans, when faced with any form of threat, tend to protect themselves, so there is a considerable likelihood that something unfavorable may happen to Zelensky.”

Propagandist/guest on SolovievLive

Why Don’t They Love Us?

“Our challenge lies in the fact that we are waging a liberation war. However, a significant portion of Ukraine’s population, those who identify as Ukrainians and have distanced themselves from their Russian heritage, view this conflict as a national liberation struggle from their perspective (Ukrainian). We are liberating them from the Bandera forces, but from their point of view, they are freeing themselves from us. As a result, we encounter this remarkable resistance.

Rostislav Vladimirovich Ishchenko, Writer and Russian Propagandist on SolovievLive 

Vatican’s ‘Fabulous’ Conversion: Propagandist’s Fury at the Pope for Accepting the Queer Community

“The Pope once again decided to pay homage to the LGBTQ+ community and is open to  the practice of sodomites. Pope Francis stated that the Catholic Church is open to everyone, including the gay community. This is not the first time that the Pope has taken this path. During Pride Month, he carried an LGBTQ+ flag. It’s difficult to imagine anything more blasphemous than what Pope Francis is doing.”

Roman Golovanov, Solovievlive host and Russian Propagandist