Propaganda Digest: A Collection of This Weeks Most Ridiculous Rhetoric

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

Territorial Tug-of-War: Maria Moans

“On negotiating our territory [for Ukraine’s succession into NATO]…Our country functions in accordance with our constitution. We have recently acquired new territories that are now officially recognized as a part of our country under the RF’s constitution, as supported by legislative decisions. And that’s all that needs to be said on the matter”

Maria Zakharova, Head of Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Propagandist

Decoding Delusions From The Deluded About History

“A different format is used to supply cruise missiles to the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine). This is Germany’s declaration of war. And this should at the very least be stated loudly. Speaking of Victory as the main pillar, we have gradually devolved into those Japanese who are ashamed to admit who dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That is the purpose of history books – it allows children to remember who their enemies are.”

Sergei Mardan, Russian propagandist

Poking Imaginary Holes in Ukraine-Poland Harmony

“However, the situation becomes more complicated when it comes to NATO’s perspective on Ukrainian borders, which tends to overshadow an aspect that is frequently overlooked. Ukraine’s current borders present challenges for Poland, and I don’t say this lightly. It is critical to understand that the current setup of Ukraine does not sit well with Poland for historical, social, and geopolitical reasons. The Ukraine that emerged in the 1990s isn’t one that aligns with Poland’s interests.”

Maria Zakharova, Head of Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Propagandist

Deciphering Mehmet Perincek’s Puzzle of Provocations

“Following the termination of the grain deal, the Black Sea became the site of acts against Russia and Turkey’s friendship. I don’t know all the details about the explosion, but if we look at recent events, the Atlanticists’ attempts at provocations stand out. They will only be able to enter the Black Sea if there are issues between Moscow and Ankara.”

Mehmet Perincek, Turkish historian on SolovyovLIVE

When You Point a Finger At Someone Else, Three Fingers Point Back At You

“The attempt to introduce a Thanksgiving Day in Ukraine just like in the US is yet another shambles.  An inferiority complex is a major issue among almost all post-Soviet republics. And aggression in Ukraine stems from an inferiority complex. They don’t want to be Ukrainians so much as they want to be second-class Europeans. Despite the fact that they are not Europeans. And they suffer from this realization.”

Sergey Mikheyev, Russian Political Scientist and Fascist

Pricking the Ruble Balloon: Bursting the Illusions of the Russian Mood

“I would not celebrate in this situation because it demonstrates that our national currency, unfortunately, remains speculative to a large extent. The announcement of an emergency meeting of the Bank of Russia’s Board of Directors was enough to send the currency market into a tailspin.”

Russian Propagandist and owner of the Russian Telegram channel “имперский анархист”

Drowning Logic in the ‘Fecal Waters’ of Hyperbole

As expected, a furious storm of fecal waters around the new history textbook has begun. It was written by the wrong people, written by the victims of the USE (Uniform State Examination), written about the wrong things, written ineptly…. All conclusions “experts” made without holding the textbook in their hands.” 

Armen Gasparyan, Russian Propagandist

Bemoaning Western Government Dissatisfaction While Whistling Past Russian Woes

“Many Americans and Europeans are dissatisfied with the government’s efforts to impose its will on the people. We didn’t talk about it for many years because we had an inferior complex, not understanding how it would be possible to be unhappy with life there. But it turns out that many people are sick of the way they force you to think and live. For a long time, we believed we were a people of a ‘second sort’, not knowing what we could offer to those in the West. However, now 40% of Americans now hate this democratic Biden administration.” 

Sergei Mikheev, Politician and Russian Propagandist on Govalonovlive

Russia: The Unlikely Mecca

Many people want to move to Russia because there is nowhere else in the white civilization that will support their way of life. Russia now has the chance to establish its own ‘Kovcheg’ (International humanitarian organization) among white civilizations.

Sergei Mikheev, Politician and Russian Propagandist on Govalonovlive

CNN’s Hack Hysteria Casts Suspicion on the Suspicious

“CNN footage showed a strike on the Crimean Bridge on July 17th, which CNN allegedly gave to Ukraine’s security service, during which a child was injured, and a young girl became an orphan. And the video footage raises some questions, such as how they gained access to the Bridge’s video cameras, and they have promised to strike again. It’s amazing how CNN portrayed terrorist activities in such an angelic and joyful tone.”

Roman Golovanov, Solovievlive Host and Russian Propagandist

Theatrics of Accusation

“It’s a brand-new story in which the Western press is attempting to conceal the Ukrainian nation’s terrorist activities while playing games by claiming that Russians are firing at themselves, which Russians did for self-escalation purposes. The west and western media have a certain tolerance for this type of activity [terrorist]; it supports and promotes it.”

Russian Propagandist and Editor of Фронтовые Заметки Telegram Channel

Conspiracy Carousel: Propagandist’s Hunch

“I am convinced that it [the water drone] is not Ukrainian. They are attempting to portray it as one of their own creations rather than those of the West, but since they have brought CNN and BBC into the mix, I understand that it is 100% not Ukrainian but a delivery by the British or Americans.”

Russian Propagandist and Editor of Фронтовые Заметки Telegram Channel