Revolution of Dignity – 10 Years On: Weekly Collection of RUSpropaganda Rhetoric, Debunked!

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

(Photos by Vyacheslav Ratynsky)

Ukrainians gather in their thousands to protest against the then-serving Russian puppet government. Photo Vyacheslav Ratynsky

Ten years ago, the Ukrainian Maidan protests erupted in response to President Yanukovych’s rejection of an EU association agreement, contrary to the people’s aspirations to align with Europe, along with many other reasons. Approaching the anniversary, Russian propaganda flooded the information space with disinformation, distorting the narrative by framing Ukraine’s actions as the catalyst for war rather than a pursuit of freedom. The underlying message sought to depict Ukraine as a gullible and feeble nation, manipulated by the US for America’s own interests—a familiar tactic to undermine Ukraine’s accomplishments and overshadow Russia’s inability to establish the long envisaged “Soviet Union 2.0” so deeply desired by Putin and his cronies.

Volodin Vyacheslav Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation 

“Ukraine’s economy lies in ruin. The country suffered a staggering 30.4% GDP drop last year. Social commitments to citizens remain unfulfilled with unpaid benefits and pensions. The loss of financial independence has driven Ukraine into bankruptcy. The puppet regime in Kiev has steered the country into a dead end. By betraying their national interests and surrendering their sovereignty to Washington, Ukrainians have been deprived of their future.”


Despite the initial blow to Ukraine’s economy, the nation remains resilient with support from its people and international allies. Although the economy stabilized a year after the war began, the thriving steel industry, mainly in Mariupol and the southern regions, suffered severely under Russian occupation. Furthermore, Russia’s destructive attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure compelled many industries to operate on generators. Ukraine faces a challenging transition from survival to rebuilding in the ongoing state of war, with the economic hardship squarely attributed to Russia. Maidan merely marked the beginning of Russia’s course to attack and attempt to destroy Ukraine. Ukraine survived.

Alex Parker Returns – Telegram Channel (170.000 subscribers)

Exactly a decade ago, Maidan ignited in Ukraine through Facebook. Those events led to the return of Crimea, the creation of the DNR and LNR, and sparked a conflict that still persists in various forms today. While many revealed the dream of a beautiful European future, some unleashed their hostility, finally feeling the liberty to harm Khokhols [abusive name for Ukrainians] with impunity. I know one who had been waiting for this for about a decade and continued to wait.


Maidan served as an awakening for Russia’s leaders, who understood they could no longer control Ukraine, and its slow post-Soviet Union collapse progress. The emergence of the so-called DNR and LNR was precipitated by Russia’s recognition of losing influence and therefore invaded (for the first time). 

Borid Yakemenko – Historian, culturologist, and host of the programs “Nashi” and “Morning Z” on the Solovyov Live channel 

“A decade ago, Ukraine’s journey towards its own downfall began, a process meticulously constructed by the US. The Maidan was orchestrated meticulously with round-the-clock feasts, entertainment, and revelry – a populist politics and protest. The essence of ideas or the pursuit of truth was inconsequential; the only requirement was a large crowd donning the right attire and flags, indulging in merrymaking. Thus, the “Ukrainian dream,” akin to the American one, emerged.”


The claim that Maidan was a staged event by the US ignores its true significance in Ukraine’s decades, if not centuries, long struggle for independence from Russian imperialism. This propagandist’s point of view lacks historical context and empathy for human suffering. Furthermore, Maidan was the ‘starting gun’ for Ukraine’s path to Europe, having now, tens years on, received an official innovation to the EU.

Rodion Miroshnik, pro-russian politician from Luhansk ((occupied since 2014)

“A decade ago marked the end of peace in Ukraine. The second attempt (the first in 2004) resulted in Ukraine engulfed first in protests, then in civil war, and finally in bloodshed. The “Revolution of dignity” ultimately led to colonial dependence and utter humiliation.”


The notion of a civil war in Ukraine is a long-used narrative propagated by Russian propaganda, aiming to diminish Russia’s role in its 2014 invasion of Ukraine. Russia concealed its involvement under the guise of ‘green men,’ purportedly ‘liberating Donbas.’ However, Putin’s decision to escalate to a full-scale war exposed the fallacy of separatist narratives or civil war claims. It underscored the reality of Russian interference in Ukrainian politics and society, dispelling the notion of an internal conflict.

Police attacking maidan participants

Olesya Loseva – TV host and state propagandist 

“The Nezalezhnosti [Ukrainian for independent] patriots cherished their country so dearly that they were willing to tear it apart for a chance to escape to distant lands. In the end, the efforts of Maidan led to the loss of sovereignty, bankruptcy, a third of the population lost, battles in Donbass, and Russia’s initiation of special operations. Ukraine lost Crimea, DNR, LNR, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhya regions. 


Since 2014, Ukraine’s sovereignty has significantly strengthened, partly due to Maidan’s enduring impact. Maidan’s legacy contributed to global support for Ukraine’s independence. Post-Maidan reforms, EU/NATO ties, military modernization, and economic diversification fortified Ukraine. It helped the West realised Ukraine was not ‘mala (little Russia). Maidan’s spirit unified Ukrainians in defending sovereignty, showcasing the nation’s commitment to independence and alignment with global norms and these events were broadcasted around the world. 

Maria Akhmedova, Member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Editor-in-Chief of IA Regnum

“Today, I wish I could sit across from those individuals who met me on Maidan a decade ago and ask, “Was it worth it?” The representatives of Kiev’s [Kyiv’s – corrected] so-called creative intelligentsia didn’t just support Maidan; they turned a blind eye to and endorsed violence. In the square of bonfires, tents, and tires, their silent betrayal unfolded. They even sacrificed their “Heavenly Hundred” for an ostensibly better future. People told me on Maidan that the situation demanded bloodshed. And it did. The scent of significant bloodshed lingered in the air, but the Kiev intelligentsia mistook it for the scent of freedom.“


Small and medium businesses alongside students were some of the first to protest in the Maidan protests, demonstrating the widespread support for change and the lie that it was a group of intellectuals leading the protests. Moreover, the brutality inflicted during the protests was driven by Russian leadership which put pressure on Yanukovych’s puppet government. ,. This relentless pursuit of absolute authority led to violence against protestors and the first blood was made by the governments (Russia’s) police force against peaceful student protesters. The events escalated to a point where Ukrainians had no option but to take a resolute stand. The fate of the “Heavenly Hundred,”, underscores Russia’s involvement in the violence with Russian snipers opening fire on the Ukrainian protesters. Bloodshed squarely rests on the Russian authorities’ shoulders.

Police stand covered in snow, surrounding the government headquaters

Sergey Markova, Political ‘scientist’

“My condolences to the people of Ukraine on the 10th anniversary of the Ukrainian Holocaust – Euromaidan, orchestrated by the greatest foe of Ukraine – the US special services. The USA claimed half a million Ukrainian lives, forced 20 million Ukrainians to flee the country, and turned the rest into a horde of brainwashed slaves. Ukrainians, pray for Russia to save Ukraine again. You’ll be saved only by becoming Russians.”


It is the Russian nation who is brainwashed,heavily influenced by propaganda, turning a blind eye to a deadly war in a neighboring country where millions suffer, including their own family members. Moreover, the Russian people call for the war to continue and Ukraine, the victim, to lay down arms. Russia’s war was the catalyst of 6,2 million Ukrainians fleeing (women and children) instigated only out of safety as Russia attempted to destroy everything in its path.