The Russian occupiers killed an employee of one of the USAID partner organizations in Ukraine

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The Russian occupiers killed Valeria Maksetska, a Ukrainian employee of a USAID partner organization, and her mother and driver as they tried to leave Kyiv.

This was announced by the administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Samantha Power.

“I’m enormously sad to share the death of Valeriia “Lera” Maksetska—proud Ukrainian, beloved USAID implementing partner & brilliant, compassionate leader on building social cohesion & fighting disinformation,” – Samantha Power wrote on Twitter.

She also noted that they were shot from a Russian tank while waiting in the car for it to pass.

Power also said that Maksetska was born and raised in Donetsk and in 2014 had already survived the shelling there, and later moved to the capital, Kyiv, where she began working with USAID.

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