Russia does not belong at any G Summit – Eugene Czolij

“Russia does not belong at any G Summit”. It was said by Eugene Czolij, President of the Non-Governmental Organization“Ukraine2050”, President of Ukrainian World Congress (2008-2018), during the press-briefing at the press centre of Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre. “Recent reports on the possibility of expanding the G7 – once again – to include the Russian Federation have sent shock waves through the global Ukrainian community. Such an unimaginable move in the reality of today’s geopolitical climate would make an absolute mockery of the G7 Hague Declaration adopted on 24 March 2014 by G7 Leaders and EU Presidents in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence”, – he said.

Non-Governmental Organization “Ukraine-2050” sent an open letter to the G7 Leaders and EU Presidents calling on them to issue a clear declaration confirming: (i) their commitment to the implementation of the G7 Hague Declaration; (ii) their continued support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence; and (iii) that they shall not reinstate their participation in the former G8 format nor invite the Russian Federation to participate in future G7 summits until such time as Russia has unequivocally demonstrated that it shares the fundamental values of the G7 member states and the EU, including respect for the principles of sovereignty and noninterference in the affairs of other states, and has fully ceased its illegal occupation of Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine.