Russian Disinformation Digest

1.Maria Zakharova in an interview with state controlled media – RIA News, June 14. Kakhovka dam explosion and Russia’s ‘attempt’ to initiate an investigation

Zakharova tells how she believes the International Court of Justice lacks jurisdiction to hear cases involving these types of international issues. However, because Russia, like many other countries, refuses to recognise the relevant article of the Rome Statute, the court is rendered ineffective, and all decisions are politically ‘destroyed’.

“Russia does not recognise the International Criminal Court, and any decision made by them is legally void. Why did the Kyiv regime refuse to cooperate with international investigations and start talking about the ICC again? Because the ICC was, unfortunately, created as an instrument of NATO and its agenda. It is a cog in a machine that is anti-Russian in every way, what we call hybrid warfare.”

She describes how the ‘Kyiv regime’s’ statements about Russia being to blame are used to blackmail the international community in order to protect their [Ukraine’s] own interests and to survive as the Ukrainian faces economic ruin.

She goes on to mislead and tell how the ‘Kyiv regime’s’ disregard for international rights and laws is evident in their attacks on this civilian infrastructure.

“These actions serve as a public declaration and demonstration of their intentions,” Zakharova misleads.

“The regime feels compelled to resort to these measures as Kyiv is pushed up against a wall. While it now receives support, funding, and weapons from the West, they conduct these operations to illustrate what lengths they are willing to go, what they are capable of, if support from the international community and resources are cut off.”

2. Scott Ritter on the Scott Ritter Show tells how mobilized Russians are not what the West makes of them

He told how Ukraine’s armed forces have yet to breach the first line of defense, let alone the second and third. And so, in his opinion, a clear indication as to why the Russian mobilized force is a force to reckon with.

“There were 300,000 mobilized men, and they were telling how they are not very motivated to fight, poorly prepared for war, but it turns out that it is quite the opposite. These soldiers are fighting in the same kind of traditions that the soldiers who fought in Leningrad are fighting, and they’re showing real determination.” 

Talking to a ‘Minister’ of the so called DNR, his guest replied, “You have to understand that whether it is a contract servicemen, a conscript, or a professional servicemen, after being fired upon for the first time, you will get used to it.”

However, newly surfaced footage of mobilized Russians attempting to flee would tell otherwise. Footage shows, while attempting to escape war, a russian kill squad emerges from the trees and without mercy shoots mobilzed russians. This method is intended to deter others from attempting to flee, serving as a warning that there is no turning back, only forward. It is important to note, however, that the authenticity of this footage has not yet been confirmed.

3. ICC wanted for unlawful deportation and child transfer – Maria Lvova-Belova, Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation, speaks to a television host about cooperating with Ukrainian authorities in rehoming and reuniting children in refugee camps with their parents.

“When we have a task, we work together to figure out how to solve it best, through which border, and as quickly as possible,” she says. “But it should be that way because we’re working in the interest of the kids.”

She describes how, in October 2022, 2.5 thousand children were [unlawfully] transported to Krasnodar Krae, a region of Russia near the Ukrainian border, where they were placed in refugee camps. She describes how, by January, thanks to this collaborative effort, only 400 of the 2500 people in the camps remained. 

She subtly depicts Ukrainian parents, who were already seeking refuge in Europe to escape the war, as exhibiting inadequate parenting, telling of a story of how Russia had to intervene and ‘save’ their children, who were stuck in Ukraine, and after deportation, forced to live in camps before reuniting with their parents.

“Those who remained had difficult cases,” she explained, “because the parents of these children, for example, were in Europe, and we had to establish contact with them in order to return their children.”

She claims that only three children remain in the camp as of today. 

During a round table discussion, a Russian ‘journalist’ posed unconventional and uncomfortable questions to Putin, shedding light on the security failures of the Russian Federation.

The journalist acknowledged that the questions might not be pleasant, but believed they were necessary to ask. Putin responded by stating that none of the questions were pleasant.

The journalist pointed out the frequency of drone attempts to strike infrastructure, questioning how a drone could reach the Kremlin and how the Russian forces failed to defend their own territory while trying to liberate Donbas. He also mentioned the involvement of Polish foreign legions in the area.

“Regarding the Polish foreign mercenaries, you are correct. They’re fighting here, but they’ve suffered a significant loss,” Putin says. He then goes on to explain how Poland is “attempting to conceal this, but the loss is truly tragic, and it is a shame that they are hiding it, especially from their own people.”

Regarding the drone attacks, Putin explained that their air defense system is primarily designed to target missiles and larger objects, making it challenging to track smaller drones. However, he reassured that efforts were being made to resolve the problem, stating that it would have been better if the issues had been preempted.

On border security:
“Concerning our border, the goal of these operations [by the Freedom of Russia Legion] is to divert our military’s attention to this area. We don’t have a reason yet to do so, but we obviously need to keep our citizens safe.” 

Putin then discusses the border with Ukraine and how it is difficult to prevent missiles from flying into the area due to the close proximity, but that they will do everything possible to strengthen the defense.

“However, if it does not work and Ukraine continues to attack, we will be forced to create a buffer zone on Ukrainian territory for some distance, making it impossible for them to fire into our territory.” 

He emphasizes that this is not a task for tomorrow. “We must approach this situation step by step to see how it develops.” 

5.Roman Golovanov –  Solovievlive host
Ukraine is attacking RF’s AF rear

A Russian military observer, a guest on the Solovievlive show, expresses concern about the logistics of the war and how Ukraine is targeting the Russian militaries’ rear with high precision weaponry in the hope of causing problems. He expresses some skepticism, saying that he ‘hopes’ the Russian troops can withhold, though he cannot give any guarantees.

“We must keep in mind that the US is standing behind the Ukrainians. And now, Ukraine is squandering resources in the hope that everything will work out. However, if they do not have the necessary forces to break the frontline or if we are able to thwart their attack, the offensive will fail. This is what I’m really hoping for, but I can’t guarantee it.”

Will NATO intervene?

When asked why NATO has not yet intervened and what the likelihood of direct intervention is, Roman (host) says he believes the US and Britain are the ones driving the Bradley armored vehicles. 

The speaker describes how the Russian Federation’s doctrine states that if the Russian Federation’s existence is threatened, nuclear force may be used, and that this alone is enough to deter NATO from intervening directly. 

Using the rhetoric of the last Ukrainian soldier once more, “They [the West] are prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian, knowing that it may cause some difficulties in our country but does not threaten our existence.” 

He describes how NATO and the West are attempting to balance this razor-thin line.

Roma Golovanov – Responding to Medvedev’s tweet ‘Russian Square’

Responding to Medvedev’s tweet, Roma Golovanov

In response to Dmitry Medvedev’s tweet about Maidan Nezalezhnosti becoming Russia Square, the show’s host claims how ‘Kyiv is a Russian city and there should be nothing Ukrainian there.’

“We should name streets in Kyiv after the heroes who are now fighting for Russia, those who are bringing our victory closer. We will either storm or take Kyiv. I’m not sure how it will happen, but I see several possibilities.”

7.Lukashenko takes exaggeration to a whole new level

Lukashenko’s previous assessment, suggesting that Russia could take Kyiv and Ukraine within a few days, has been widely recognized as a notable example of misjudgment. However, his recent statement surpasses all others in terms of its exaggerated and unfounded claims.

In a recent interview with Skaybeyva, top Russian propagandist, he tells:

“As part of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, over the 4th and 5th of June, there were around 40,000 Ukrainians that died and more than 100,000 that were left with irreversible injuries” he tells.

He also mentions how, in the event of aggression against the republic, there will be no hesitation in using nuclear weapons. The Russian tactical nuclear arsenal has been deployed in Belarus at his request.