Russian Disinformation Digest: Nuclear Terrorism

On the evening of July 4th, Russian propaganda channels intensified their dissemination of disinformation regarding a potential missile attack on the ZNPP by Ukraine, employing a Tochka-U missile. The Tochka-U missile is known for its destructive capability and can even carry a nuclear warhead. Ukraine had been issuing warnings to the international community for weeks earlier, voicing Russia’s various plans to orchestrate a false-flag nuclear operation, blaming Ukraine. 

Ukrainian military intelligence had issued heightened warnings about an imminent threat to the plant and provided instructions to citizens on how to respond in the event of a nuclear explosion. Additionally, President Zelensky, in his evening address, cautioned that Russia had placed explosives on the roofs of two power stations to simulate a missile attack, pending Russia’s decision to proceed with the detonation.

“On the night of July 5, Kyiv will attack the ZNPP with high-precision weapons and kamikaze drones,” according to Karchaa, an adviser to the head of Rosenergoatom.

Russian Propaganda channels spreads disinformation in the evening of July 4

  1. According to the presenter of First Sevastopol, the West is planning a provocation at the ZNPP to justify its intervention in the ongoing war. According to the claim, Western countries recognize Ukraine’s perceived inability to handle the war and ‘responsibilities’ assigned to Ukraine, prompting them to resort to any means necessary.

“The West is preparing a provocation at the ZNPP in order to legalize their involvement in the war, and this is because the West recognizes that Ukraine is currently incapable of coping with the tasks that have been assigned to them, so these countries are willing to do anything.”

Presenter of “First Sevastopol”: Program, The Age of Confrontation

  1. The quoted statements from Alexander Ryabtsev, a Russian propagandist on a Russian Sevastopol news channel, reveal his perspective on the war and expresses frustration with what he perceives as Ukraine’s and the West’s accusations, blaming, and blackmail directed towards Russia. He argues that Ukraine is intentionally distorting Russia’s military presence to provoke yet more conflict.

Ryabtsev anticipates a scenario where Russia will be held accountable for any negative outcomes while Ukraine will be absolved of responsibility. 

“I’ve been saying for months that Ukraine is preparing to seize the ZNPP; they’ve been blaming, blackmailing, and telling us that we’re increasing our military presence in order to provoke some kind of conflict.” 

“If something happens, we will be blamed; it was the Russians, they will say; no international community will stand with us on this; they have never taken our side, and they will not this time either.” 

“How can we protect our military and the citizens of that city? We weren’t even prepared for the Kakhovka dam explosion; what will happen next?  We must understand that Ukraine will resort to any means necessary. Any!”

Propagandist – Alexander Ryabtsev

Head of the Department of Military and Political Work of the Nakhimov Naval Forces

  1. Alexei Zhivov, Russian Propagandist replies to Russian-made rumors that Ukraine will strike the ZNPP, but Russia has nothing to fear as Russia has an array of targets to choose from in retaliation

“Why should we be afraid? We can also issue ultimatums: if they strike ZNPP, we will strike [something] places of some kind, but that is up to the General Staff of the AF, not us in this studio, but there are places we can also strike with Kalibr missiles, and that will suffice.” 

Propagandist – Alexei Zhivov

Political scientist, Author of the “Zhivov Z” blog

  1. Rostaslav Ishchenko, Russian Propagandist, discusses the gravity of nuclear hysteria, comparing it to Poland’s current war preparations (reacting to Wagner mercenaries relocation and the potential placement of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus). He suggests that on the eve of the NATO summit, provocation is necessary due to America’s “desire to escalate the war and further escalate tensions.” He speculates that breakthrough decisions at the summit are being sought and that the blame for nuclear provocation can easily be placed on Russia.

“The question is whether they will give in to these provocations. A segment of the political establishment in the United States, Europe, and even Ukraine is eagerly preparing for it. 

The Americans are attempting to incite a confrontation along the lines of convergence in order to generate confrontation before the NATO summit to facilitate a decision of some kind. To create some kind of nuclear act of provocation and then convincingly blame Russia for it.” 

Ishchenko claims that to go to such extremes, the US would need permission from Ukraine. While he expects Zelensky to “jump at the chance” to grant permission, the approval of the military establishments would also be required.

He misleads, saying there is a group of politicians in the US who are willing to take extreme measures, willing to “go all the way”. However, he emphasizes that their ambitions must align with what is realistically achievable.

“Is it possible for them to accomplish this? That’s an intriguing question. I guess we’ll find out in a few days. It is a decision that we cannot predict because it will be made at the last minute.”

Propagandist –  Rostaslav Ishchenko, Russian politician on SolovievLive 

  1. Zakharova, through her Telegram posts, misleads her followers by suggesting that Ukrainian city officials are preparing for a nuclear provocation, therefore implying that Ukraine is the party responsible for escalating. Russian rhetoric states, “If they are preparing or talking about escalation, then they are planning it.” She draws a parallel to the incident involving the detonation of the Kakhovka Dam, where Zakharova previously propagated the state’s narrative that Ukraine was at fault for striking the dam with HIMARS missiles. However, this claim was subsequently debunked.

“According to city officials, additional radiation measuring devices have been installed in Kyiv. Exercising in case of an accident at the ZNPP has recently begun in a number of Ukrainian regions.”

Authorities in Kyiv are planning another terrorist attack!

Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Chief State Propagandist