Shady Horses of Russian Propaganda: Candace Owens: “F**K Ukraine”

Candace Owens is an American political commentator, news anchor, podcast host, and one of the most outspoken and influential “spewers” of Russian propaganda in America.

Owens has gained notoriety in recent years as a far-right, conservative Republican who tweets controversial statements in the name of restoring traditional Christian values to America and a fight agains the “main-stream media”. She was a strong supporter of Trump during his presidency, and has used her platform to instill fear in society, distrust of the government, and skepticism of the media. 

Her confidence in her own beliefs on stage, often taking down teenagers and students for their non-traditional beliefs and LGBTQIA+ life-choices, is the primary cause of her fame – hard-talking and direct speaking. Her intelligence, however, is indisputable. Candance has an uncanny ability to control the narrative and turn it into her favour, just like the best propagandists. 

In terms of Ukraine, Candance has been spewing Kremlin narratives, willingly or unwillingly, in the name of traditional values since the start of the full-scale war. She often tells how she doesn’t care about Ukraine “Why should I?”, telling how America needs to get “its house in order first” before going abroad and being the “savior.” Moreover, she spares no effort to not hide her hatred for Zelensky the enemy, and the “beggar” stealing American taxpayers’ money and sending men off to die in the war Putin started – rather similar to Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

She refuses to call out Putin’s hostile acts, instead equating Zelensky to Putin, cheer-picking the facts and claiming Ukraine is far more unlawful than Russia, even though Putin has been killing dissidents, political opponents, and its own men if they refuse to fight in its wars for decades.

Who: Candace Owens

Political Affiliation: Conservative/Traditional Christian Values

Known for: Wanting to “Punch Zelensky in the face”

It’s pretty obvious it’s just a money laundering operation. It’s very obvious they’ve lied to us about what’s going on in that region for a very long time. Ukraine has always been notoriously a laundromat for America.

Even in the New York Times, they pointed out how corrupt Zelensky was just a couple of years before calling him an oligarch. 

He has suspended elections and shut down churches conscripting young Christian men to their deaths in a region where Christian men have been conscripted to deaths many times

It is not about wanting Putin to win; it is about trying to tell us that this person is worse than this person, which is nonsense…I hope they both lose and just put down their arms and say it’s over. 

I do not believe Zelensky is less corrupt than Putin, just to be clear. I believe he is a criminal. I am watching him drag Christian men with crosses around their necks to their deaths. 

He [Zelensky] sickens me; he is the person who’s taking billions of dollars away from us. It’s all magically being lost. We just don’t know where all of this money is going. I find him to be absolutely despicable.

When I was watching the Republican debates and they were sitting there and they were trying to make me cry for the people in Ukraine. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Have you looked around America yet?

I’m very much a person who has said from the very beginning, “F**k Ukraine”, you know, and I stand by that.

Listen to Zelensky there [prior to showing a video clip] warning you what will happen if you stop funding his lifestyle. 

I’m not going to say I went to punch Zelensky in the face because that’s violent, but I am going to say – If I could get away with punching one person in the face and have no consequences, it would be President Zelensky. I can’t even tell you how much [owff – clenches first] I harbour for him.