Six Key Areas of Russian Pressure on Ukraine Reflected in D. Medvedev’s Article

Following the footsteps of Putin, another Russian top official has written a so-called article chuck full of disinformation about Ukraine. Russian propagandistic newspaper Kommersant published the piece by Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s ex-president, now a Deputy Chairman of the Security Council.

For those familiar with Russian disinformation narratives about Ukraine, there is nothing new in the article – it simply reiterates messages previously voiced by Putin in his quasi-scientific articles. Moreover, all the vectors it outlines have long been implemented at the state level.

The essay serves as yet another confirmation that the Kremlin’s policies towards Ukraine remain unchanged (if not become more aggressive). Moscow shows that it will negotiate only if Ukraine makes concessions critical to its national security and sovereignty, and, therefore, all the attempts to appease the aggressor will fail as before.

We analyzed Medvedev’s article and identified the key vectors of Russia’s pressure on Ukraine in an infographic.